FinalDraft 9 is coming

FinalDraft 9 was mentioned on a news posting on facebook when they announced some new tv-templates. Does anyone know more? When and what it will contain?

Word is not until early 2013 at the soonest. Given Final Draft’s history… shrugs.

Word is also that it will mainly focus on collaborative features. Maybe even using this new-fangle Intrawebs which I hear the got it on computers now, for Pete sake. Who collaborates anywise? Me, the guy says “How come that plastic surgeon a BLACK dude?”, I say “Cause he based on a friend of mine, damn it, you want a white plastic surgeon you write your own movie with your own friend in it, maybe you don’t KNOW any plastic surgeon, big house, Audi, glider pilot, play the piano, loser like you, maybe you only know guys they hang around the betting shop, cheap bar, whorehouse, lose all their money, you”.

Come to think of it, that’s just the character I need for something I’ve been stuck on. Hey. I just collaborated with MYSELF. On the INTRAWEBS. Who needs Final Draft?

I wonder how vic=k would credit his self collaborative works?

Written by Vic K with Vic K and additional assistance from Vic K.
Assistant to Vic K – Vic K.
Second Assistant to Vic K – Vic K


He’d have his name taken off the credits in protest.

How could I have missed that?

Mr B. I’m afraid he’s too egotistical, and lacking in anything remotely resembling standards/ethics for that to occur. :frowning: