Hi guys. Hope this post is the appropriate section. After initially writing a few short stories a good few years ago I lost interest in writing, don’t know why really. I have had a story in my head for the last five years and even tried plotting it out But have always been afraid to start it. I bought Scrivener for that very reason 2 years ago and did nothing.

I just want to share my excitement that this evening I finally started my novel. Five years in the ‘hmm can I actually do this? / too nervous to start’ camp. Only a 1500 word first draft Prologue but damn I feel proud of myself. Hope Im not coming over as conceited or big headed. I have finally taken the plunge. I know a lot of the time it’s gonna be an uphill battle Because I am so out of practice (speech marks, commas, arrghh!! ). I also know that there will be times where I don’t even want to write and there will be the dreaded writer’s block. However, for now I feel amazing that I have actually started something, just hope I can finish it :slight_smile:

Cheers guys

ps. I now feel part of a much bigger community - fantastic!

Good going.

Never too late to start.

Or to continue.

Or to finish.


Cheers bud :slight_smile:

As in Bedlam? :confused:
Welcome aboard
Good luck

Yay you!
Every word counts. :smiley: