Find and Replace Issue- Windows Beta

I just ran across an issue when trying to use the Find (Ctrl F) function. I thought I would alert you to this issue in case its not just my problem… The word I was trying to search for was in the selected text. I attached a screenshot to this post and as you can see, the word I was searching for is right there… but the Find function claims it is not.
Please excuse me if you already know about this issue. I tried to search in all of the posts and it doesn’t appear to have been reported already.
Let me know if you need more information.

scrivener issue 4-25-11.doc (176 KB)

Hi Sarah,

What version of the beta are you using? I haven’t been able to replicate this in 023 (on Win7), and I know there were a few find/replace-related fixes since the previous beta. I am getting a bug where clicking “Next” in the find/replace window won’t jump to the next instance when searching selected text (previous will work, however), but it will still immediately find the initial instance. Any further details you could provide would be helpful. Did you copy/paste the text from another program? Does this happen to you in other files and projects as well?

I believe I’m using version 022. That’s what it says when I open help- about scrivener. I thought I had downloaded the most current version but maybe not, if you are using version 23.
I did copy and paste from word 2007 at some point in this project. I can’t recall if I did it in this particular bit of text. When I switch to different chapters in this project I get the same error, or it doesn’t do anything when I click on the find next button.
I’m using windows xp.
When I switched to a different project it works… So probably it has to do with cut and paste from word 2007/ rich text files.
Should I try to download this version 23 and see if I get the same issue?

Hi Sarah,

Yes you should always use the latest beta.

Sorry, I thought I was using the most recent version until the first response… I’ll try to download it tonight and see if the issue goes away.