Find and replace paragraph codes?

Is it possible to find and replace paragraph codes in a document?

I’d like to turn single paragraphs into double paragraphs on documents that originated in Word, where I did not use double paras, and instead used a Spacing After value. But I prefer working with doubles in Scrivener.

My default setting is 1.0 line spacing. When I use Convert Formatting to Default Text Style on these pages, the visual space between paras closes up. It’s that closed-up space that I’d like to reopen with an actual empty paragraph/line.

If I could do a find and replace and turn each of these singles into a double, I could then use the Convert Formatting to Default Text Style command and end up where I want to be.

I was hoping that Find by Formatting would have that option, but no.


No, this isn’t possible at the moment. It’s on the list for future implementation.

Thanks, MM. I will look forward to it. It’s a pretty easy thing to work around. And it works itself out of the project the longer you work on it. I just happened to hit a patch of docs I’ve not worked in since starting to use Scrivener, so I wondered.

What I’m doing is, quickly copying them over to Word, reformatting them so that they will paste back into Scrivener more like how I want (yay Word macros!)