Find and Replace Tabs?

I imported a 200K+ word file.

Previously, the paragraphs had a tab, but now there is an indent at the beginning of each paragraph, meaning that each paragraph is indented by an inch.

I like the indent, and want to remove the tabs. Is there a way to do that without manually deleting them one by one?

If you do not need any tab characters otherwise, you could just copy and paste a tab character into the Edit/Find/Project Replace… tool, replacing them with nothing. Otherwise you could just do that one document at a time with the ordinary Ctrl-F find tool.

That sounds like what I need. Is there a way to show tabs in order to copy one? or just highlight away and go for it?

Sure, the Format/Options/Show Invisibles command will show them, but all you need to do is highlight one. So what I’d do is just hit Tab somewhere, then Left-Shift to select it and use Edit/Cut to get rid of it and put it on the clipboard.

Thank you! That saved me a couple years of deleting tabs. :slight_smile: