find and replace to be font sensitive

changing font properties for scientific writing, e.g Hsubscript2baselineO is a pain, would love to just type H20 then do a final Find and Replace with the formatted font included. Possible?

You could do that with a text replacement utility. The best known are TextExpander and Typinator. But aText is only $5 ( Worth trying, I would think.

Sadly, TextExpander has gone subscription-ware. When I upgraded to 10.13 or .14 it would no longer work, and I couldn’t find any reference to ongoing work to update it. Having just checked in and downloaded a trial, I’m not sure that I’ll continue. I didn’t make much use of it when I had it, so I don’t think the subscription will be worth it. I’ll have a look at Typinator (If memory serves, Ioa uses that and has recommended it highly).



Further info: I’ve just tried both Typinator and aText, and neither of them has worked under 10.14.4! I’ll restart my MBP and see if that works.

Hi Mark – I used Typinator for years and found it pretty good. Maybe the interface is not as good as TextExpander, but it does depend a bit on taste. I gave up on TextExpander when they went subscription. Apart from being annoyed at the change, I realised that I only really used two or three macros frequently. In addition, the thing never really worked on iOS, which was my main reason for switching from Typinator. I haven’t gone back to Typinator because I don’t need anything complex, and the stuff I do need can be done by the system, which also works on iOS. You might also like to look at Phrase Express which works on all the platforms. It seems a bit expensive, but does seem very capable.

Just restarted and Typinator does work. I’ll have to think again about aText … I used TextExpander so little that the $5 cost of aText might be worth a punt, though I’m going to have to re-install it. I don’t think I can justify the cost of Typinator, even though it’s a bargain compared with TextExpander. Probably the only thing I’d use it for is inserting the current date!

I’ll sleep on it, I think.