"Find by Formatting: Bullets (Base Level)" issue

I’m trying to relocate all instances where I use bulleted lists in my book. However, when I do a Find by Formatting and select Style>Bullets (Base Level), all that shows up are two instances, when I have lists all throughout my book.

The reason I want to find these bulleted lists are that I just realized how to add multiple paragraphs to them for longer sections (Insert>Break>Line Break), and I want to go back through the book and revise the sections with longer amounts of text.

I’ve attached images of the two instances that were found in my document as well as another instance where I have multiple bullet levels and might like to revise with line breaks. Please add the ability to search bullet lists with multiple levels instead of the base level, if this is in fact the issue I’m experiencing.

First instance found:

Second instance found:

Example of instance NOT found:

Thanks for your help.

Update (a few minutes later): Well, I figured out why this happened. The “Bullets (Base Level)” is a style I either created or redefined, and it reflects the settings I myself created for this particular style—which, unfortunately, does NOT include additional tabbed bullets. Is there still a way to search for bullets themselves without using a style? Is it as simple as searching for the main bullets symbol (Option+8 on Mac), or does Scrivener utilize a different system than this?

If you search for a style, you find only that style. If you search for ⌥ 8, you’ll find only that.

However, you can use a RegEx search using a string like this: