Find duplicates (and merge) feature?

My binder has gotten cluttered with duplicates of things I’ve written and things I’ve imported more than once. I worry that some of them may differ in keywords or other info.

Is there a way to detect duplicate files? If there is, is there a way to merge the two (or more)?



No, I’m afraid there’s no way of doing this at the moment. Actually, I did build in this functionality at one point - because I had the same problem in one project - but it never made it into a public build because it’s very slow and clunky looking through every single file in a large project and comparing all its text. I’ve been trying to find the code that does this to see if it there is still some way of accessing it, but it looks as though I stripped it out.

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You can copy questionable dupes as separate files into TextWrangler <>(free), which will then compare them and highlight differences. May not help with meta-data, but it will find copy differences for you if there are any. (You will, of course, have to decide which files to compare.)


Thanks Keith and PJS,

I think it’s time for me to spend a few hours “housecleaning” in Scrivener.