Find not finding

Find isn’t finding the search term even when it’s given the entire file to search. Any reason why this isn’t working for me? The file is in Document view mode.

Are you using the menu from Edit->Find, or the search oval in the toolbar? The toolbar has options you can turn on and off via the magnifying glass icon embedded within it.

Also, where are the terms? In the text, the document notes, synopsis, keyword, etc…?

Yes, Edit->Find, and the search terms are in the text.

What happens if you select the term in the text and invoke the search? Does it work then to find the other terms?

Yes, it does, but only within the current file (e.g. chapter). So that explains what is meant by ‘Entire file’. What I want, of course, is to search the entire manuscript, so I need to use the search box at the top right of the screen.

Thanks, Robert.

However, the search box is just that. It doesn’t appear to have a replace option.

That’s odd. Is there not a separate “Project Replace” option, or is that the one you’re trying to use (I’m currently away from my Windows machine so don’t have the menu to look through)?

No, no Project Replace option.

I’m now looking at my windows installation, and there is definitely a separate Project Find and Project Replace under Edit->Find. What version are you running (see Help->About Scrivener)?

Sorry, I was looking at the Search box options. Yes, Edit->Find does have a sub-menu with those options. I missed them before because I was using Ctrl-F. Thank you once again for your help.