Find (win 10) "not found" dialog coming up behind find box, can't be selected

Using text find for text that is not found results in the “not found” dialog box coming up behind the find dialog, which, in some cases, cannot be accessed and the only way to resolve is to force exit Scapple with Task manager. This is particularly bad if there are many windows open.

I don’t use Scapple.
But have you tried simply hitting enter then ?
And if that doesn’t work, TAB ?

If you can’t move the find dialog, that means that it is that other popup that has focus.
So enter should work to acknowledge its message, even though you can’t see it.

I am not saying it is not a bug, just offering a temporary solution.

Tripped across that approach, and need to check if it is reliable. May not in a many-windows open situation.

If you can’t do anything, that can only mean it has focus. Otherwise you’d have no problem moving whatever is in front.

ESC should work too.

Thanks, I’ve filed this for the developer to look at. In the meanwhile, as @Vincent_Vincent said, when Scapple is the active application, that Not Found dialogue has focus (that being the whole problem here), so either Enter or Esc will close it and get you back to your regularly scheduled program interactions. :slight_smile:

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Running on Win 10. I keep a flowchart of names in Scapple. Whenever I do a FIND and the name isn’t there, the whole program simply freezes. I can’t shut it down except through the task manager. Trying to close the Scapple screen does nothing. This has been a problem for years and I’m wondering if I’m the only one having it, because I don’t see a topic on this. Seems a freezing Scapple would be a huge annoyance. I’m running the latest update on it, btw. Anyone? Having same? Solution? Thanks.

I have windows 11 and had same freezing if search found no result. Had to click escape key twice to unfreeze

The apparent freeze is seems due to the “Not Found” dialogue coming up behind the Find dialogue. At present, this message box is taking focus and needs to be dismissed before you can continue interacting with the rest of the interface, but as the Find dialogue is layered above other windows, that positioning can prevent you seeing the message or using the mouse to click through it.

Fortunately, until we’re able to adjust this behaviour, you can dismiss the hidden dialogue with the keyboard using either Enter or Esc, after which you’ll be able to click back into the board or Find dialogue as normal.