Finding editors who use Scrivener

Does anyone have advice on finding editors who are Scrivener enabled ?

Thanks in advance.

Gina Nelson

You are way more likely to find ones using Word.

May I ask why you ask?
Compatibility issues?

Good to know thanks - I can always export to Word, but…sigh… it would have been nice.

For example, if I make a link based table of contents for my editor to review, she cannot really do so. I support I cold export to Work then import that into Pages. I am, of course, Mac based.

There is a compiler option to enable that.
I’m not at my computer so I can’t point it to you, but I’m sure someone will. :wink:

P.S. I’m not saying there is no such editors for you to find.


Make sure these two compiler’s options are unchecked :

I don’t personally use Word, less even on a Mac, but I believe that should do it.

Perhaps Word itself doesn’t acknowledge these as internal links, but in that case it shouldn’t be too hard to link from your toc to sections’ headers.
However Word handles the question.

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Shazam! Many thanks for your detailed reply!

Gina Nelson

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I do.