Finding Fonts for Print and Digital Books

The right font can make your book look much better. Here are some characteristics of a good font choice:

A font you can use for both print and digital versions.

A ‘pro’ font with a wide variety of weights including less-than-bold Semibold and more-than-bold Black.

A font available in matching serif versions (for the body text) and sans serif (for headlines).

Toss in that the font is free and open source and you have a new font family available from Adobe called Source.

You can find more details here:

Here’s a source for the body text version:

Standardizing on a well-designed font family can make your book look good and appear consistent from version to version. Particularly when you’re an independent writer who is self-publishing, it helps to do all you can to look like a pro.

–Michael W. Perry, Inkling Books

Sadly still no italics for the serif, and it certainly doesn’t have the depth of some other free opentype serifs (Linux Libertine for example), but still great to see Adobe fleshing out and open sourcing Source Serif/Sans/Code.