Finding mobile backups

I seem to have had a major syncing issue between my mobile (iPhone) and computer (Windows). I’m not sure what I did, but it’s an old version now appearing on my computer, and the backups on my computer are also old versions from what I can see. I’ve written thousands more words on my phone, but they’re nowhere to be found (my phone is also showing the old version now). I’ve randomly lost a chapter in the middle, too. Is there a way I can find backup versions on my phone, since the backups on my computer are not the right ones? Sorry if this makes no sense, I’m quite upset at the hours likely lost.

It sounds as if you closed Scrivener on your phone without syncing, then opened the project on your PC, which makes the Dropbox app on your PC update the project status on the Dropbox server, telling the server that the version on your PC is the most current. If you then open Scrivener on your phone and sync, Scrivener will establish that the version on the Dropbox server is newer than the one on your phone and modify the version on your phone to match the (older) version on the Dropbox server.

The phone doesn’t have any backups of the kind you have on your PC.

Ah ok, that makes sense. I could’ve sworn I’d synced on my phone but must have forgotten this time. I managed to find the missing chapter at least, which was my main concern, so not all is lost. Thank you! Valuable lesson learned.