Finding Notes

I would like to be able to easily find all the notes I’ve written!
I know there is a work-around using compile to create an external document tat is basically an outline with the notes included.
But it would be very helpful to be able to easily search for and view Notes while in Scrivener: a) as a column option in the outliner; b) as a search element that could bring up all scrivenings-with-notes in the binder, etc.

If you want what I mean, then

  1. select “Notes” in the search menu
  2. type a * in the search field
  3. go to Notes in the inspector

Now all documents that have a note are displayed in the “Binder” and you can see the note in the inspector. Maybe you mean something else. :slightly_smiling_face:


You could even save the search as a collection which would more files if add notes elsewhere in the project. Call it project notes.