Finding Templates-- was: Updating demo?

When I downloaded the demo, I just started a new project and started typing. I’m not offered the choice between BBC and Novel, etc. I didn’t even know they existed until I spoke to a friend who mentioned them.

She bought Scrivener w/o using the demo first (because I love it so much and recommended it so highly) and today we were comparing notes and it occurs to me that I don’t seem to have all the bells and whistles she does.

When I paid for my software I used my Serial Number to register, but haven’t done anything else. Is there something I’m supposed to do to update so that I get the rest of the program?


The demo is identical to the paid version.

However, Keith tends to make quite a few changes in between version updates. If your edition is older than hers, you could be missing some features for that reason. Easily fixable using Scrivener’s update tool. (Menu item Scrivener -> check for updates.)

What version do you have? (Menu item Scrivener -> About Scrivener.) What version does she have?

If you have the same version, it’s also possible that you simply haven’t noticed the “missing” features. People often don’t, because there are so many.


Well, I have 1.11 which is evidently the most up to date.

She said when she chose “new project” she had a series of choices to make between various templates. I have none. It doesn’t give me the option to choose script mode (or the various options within script mode) or example.

You need to install the extras. If you don’t have them, re-download the .dmg from the product page and use the Extras Installer on there to install extra templates and script modes. Or, if you don’t need them right now, just leave it for now as the next update will have them all built in anyway, and they will be significantly revised.
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Ah, thank you! How long would I be waiting for the next update? (So I can decide whether to go ahead and do it now or wait.)

You’d be waiting about as long as a piece of string. :wink:

How zen.

Thank you!

KB’s next update is a “big 'un” that has been some time in the making. It is still bit off as he is a little … picky … about quality.

If you want the “bells” and the “whistles” run the installer. I wont hurt anything and you will be able to bask in the full glory of scrivener*.

  • I have trying to use that “bask in the glory of” phrase for a while. Thank you for the opportunity to get it out of my system. Snort would also like to thank you as she will no longer have to listen to it wedged into sentences like a thong on the back side of the 1/2 ton man (which is another phrase I needed to get rid of)(2 for 1 special :open_mouth: ).