finger-scrolling jumps full-screen text to start of file

One thing I’ve been having a problem with is that when I’m in full-screen, and ‘editing scrivenings’, ie all the chapters shown as a single file, if I use two fingers on my ibook’s pad to slide the text up or down, it suddenly skips right to the very start of my manuscript every time, instead of just scrolling up or down a couple of lines as is my intention. The only way I’ve managed to fix this is by then scrolling from the very start all the way to the point I’m currently at, which can take a while.

For the moment I’m just using the up/down page up/down buttons to get to where I need to be, but I’m so used to two-finger scrolling on my mac it’s easy to forget and boom, I’m suddenly fifty thousand words away from where I’m meant to be. I don’t know if this is a known bug (did a quick search) but hopefully it’s a known issue or I’m just doing something wrong.

I’ve never had that happen, myself, though the causes could be anything from software to hardware to user practice (older trackpads before multi-touch would exhibit large pointer jumps if you accidentally tapped two different spots; with practice, you could use this glitch to rocket the mouse all over the screen). That aside, most Mac applications (including Scrivener) sport a very nifty little feature called “Jump to Selection” off the Edit/Find menu. Cmd-J is the short-cut. It is deceptively titled, because ‘selection’ in this case also can just mean wherever the caret is. Since scrolling and keyboard paging actions do not actually move the caret, you can always jump right back to wherever you were from an intentional, or in this case unintentional, distance.

I’ve experienced that kind of jumping in many different applications. I cannot particularly say which ones, nor whether I have specifically seen it in Scrivener.

It may be that it is an apple bug rather than a Scrivener-specific problem.