Finnish name lists for Name Generator

I will attach Finnish name lists to this message, totalling some 2 150 surnames and 830 forenames. Please make use of these names in your wonderful projects! All names are current and used in present day Finland (situated in Northern Europe). The Latin alphabet is used but please note that some names contain umlauts, letters ä (a with two dots) and ö (o with two dots). The lists are not ordered by popularity. (10.2 KB)

Thanks. I’m working on a time travel novel. The hero is Finnish. :smiley:

How did you manage to insert the umlauts in your document? I’ve been trying to do the same for a German name list but it didn’t work.
I copied the symbols for the umlauts from a Scrivener list with German surnames into my Excel file but when I save as csv the umlauts are not shown in the Scrivener name generator. They are just missed out.

Hi Pamina, I don’t remember having any umlaut problems with the Finnish name lists. I didn’t use Excel to create them but instead probably just a text editor like BBEdit (Textwrangler at the time). Can you check/modify the text/character encoding selection in Excel? The Finnish name lists have UTF-8 encoding, so try selecting that. It might solve your problem or at least that’s all I can think of effecting umlauts.

Hello, @Ikemitsu,
thank you very much. Your advice did the trick! I had no idea what UTF-8 encoding was (and still don’t) but I found an instruction how to save the Excel file with UTF-8 encoding. The problem was that there are two other csv extensions in Excel and the one with UTF-8 encoding is further up the list so I didn’t see it at first.
Thanks again!