First Letter of Each Chapter Size Larger

I love Scrivener 2.1 and have found it rather easy to use. That said, I have been unable to consistently retain the larger font size used for the first letter of each chapter. (As found in many ebooks on the iPAD)

I am compiling using ePUB, and when viewed on my iPAD all type is the same size. On one occasion it worked as intended, but never again. I am using 30 points for the first letter and 12 points for the remainder of the chapter.

My latest novel is nearly complete but would like to use this feature. Anyone know what I did right once or what I am doing wrong now?

Hi JH,
Welcome aboard Scrivener. :smiley:
I’ve moved your Techie query up to Tech Support. Come back here if you’ve read any good books or reviews of books, and share with the rest of us :wink:
Take care

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