first line indent

Hi, It’s me again !
When I got to compile in the format box, I set my first line indent to .5 inches, however when I compile and look at it in pdf form the first line indents of my margins are often off. Am I doing something wrong? How can I set all my first line paragraphs to match ???
Thank you so much for your help.

it seems as if “override format” in the compile options does not really override the first line indent formatting. So I would need to set that up perfectly in my editor in order for it to compile correctly. Is this correct? Thanks again.

Override formatting should be resetting first-line indent. The only potential exception to that (well there are two, but within the compile settings) is in the Options button you can click to the right of the override formatting checkbox. There is an option there to inhibit the first-line indent for paragraphs directly following some kind of scene, page or section break. Another thing entirely is Compile As-Is. This checkbox is on each item in the binder, and tells the compiler to just ignore any of the settings in the Formatting pane and print as you see in the editor. You generally only need that for special things, like title pages. Maybe all of those are turned on? Check in the Contents compile option pane for the most concise display of that checkbox. You can globally set this to false by holding down the Option key and clicking on a check box, if there are hundreds of them.