First problem with Synchronize! Pro X

Hi all,

I’ve just encountered my first ever problem with Synchronize! Pro X. I’ve downloaded and installed the latest update and it’s telling me that the Back up disk has a duplicate volume ID, which means that apparently there is a hidden file that has been put on it – how, I don’t know – giving the Synchronize! Pro generated volume ID which shouldn’t be there. The Synchronize! Pro X notes say that the solution is to find and delete that file.

Question: how do you find and delete a hidden file?


Is the drive a direct connect? Do you know the file name? If so try:

  1. Open terminal
  2. cd /Volumes/<drive_name>
  3. find . -name “<file_name>”

#3 should give you a list of all files that match the name. if you know the right one

  1. rm “<file_to_delete>”

Does that make sense?

Does indeed. It’s so long since I used command line Unix … about 20+ years, that I had forgotten how to do it and didn’t know if it would find a hidden file.

Ta muchly.


If you now the name, yes. If you only know part of the name then use wild cards. Ex: file name contains “Syncroniz” but it might have more chars you might want to use “yncroni” as the name in the search.

Most “hidden” files are simply preceded by a . char. OS X find includes dot-files in the search.

Let me know if you need any more help.

Thanks Jaysen. I was running a bet with myself whether you or AmberV would get back to me first :wink:

Before I do that, I’m emailing Hugh Sontag at Qdea. I have always found him to be very helpful and courteous in replying to mails and questions, which he also does very rapidly. It’s another reason for sticking with them.