First Time Author Seeking Recommendations for Editor

Last night I finished the final chapter in the first draft of my novel manuscript, Guardian Angel. I only started working on the characters and situations in, oh, about mid-1983!

I’d like to find a professional editor to help polish it. Ideally, I’d like to find someone based in the UK (I’m US based) as my narrator character is supposed to have a British background and I’d like to add “Brit-icisms” wherever possible. Any suggestions for where to start looking, or does anyone have a good prospect to recommend?

I suppose a sample chapter is in order. Hey, I’m from Texas…I like to brag!
GuardianAngelCh9.pdf (42.4 KB)

Well, while I didn’t get a reply here I found someone to give my manuscript a professional critique…Imogen Howson. While a little expensive, she looks to have the background which I need and she seems enthusiastic about my project. She has my manuscript now and I’m expecting to hear back from her in about two weeks. Looking forward to the constructive criticism!

Yeah sure, I am not good at writing but surely waiting for the manuscript to read and provide the feedback.