First time who's with me?

First time for NaNo, green as a little grass photosynthesizing under the sun!!
And English is my second language wondering if I’m out of my mind.
But anyway, I’m still in!!

There are no rules about the novel needing to be in English, they don’t care what you write, only how much of it you write. :slight_smile:

Best wishes on your first year!

Writing Chinese novel means no fun for me anymore, used to write 100 thousand now completely bored
And yea, of course they don’t care as long as they sell all their products to “writers” lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

My first year to really make it, though I signed up and posted a title over two years ago. I’m gonna add in some text this year.

This is my first year too, I’ve been thinking of this story for years, I’ve even went and signed up for blogs, took writers classes, done some poetry, but my story has had my mind thinking about it. I’ve even signed up for nano other years but never went farther than posting some outlines and ideas for other stories. I have most of the plot and a lot of characters and their backgrounds. Sometimes I even think of music and how it starts out small and gets bigger and louder then fades away, just to entrap you again. I wish everyone luck and I should get back to writing now.