Fix the broken word search facility please!

The word search facility on the latest scrivener for mac is broken. Please fix. It works sometimes but sometimes does not, and whether it works or does not seems completely random. And please Scrivener guys, this has nothing to do with unwittingly changing the “Find Options”. Have never had any issues with that facility for years now, up until the latest software update.

Could you please clarify a few things for me?

  • Which word search facility are you referring to? Scrivener has numerous ways to search, so what buttons, tools or menu commands are you using?
  • What “Find Options” are you referring to which have been unwittingly changing? I’m not sure what that means.
  • By completely random, do you mean you can search for the word “the” ten times in a row, and get a different result each time, and by different what do you mean by that?

To step back a bit, there is nothing universally broken with search that we are aware of. This is why I need a good deal more information to figure out precisely what conditions are required to break it. It could also be the problem is with the project search index itself, depending on what search methods you are using. If you are using Project Search from the main toolbar, or from Edit/Find/Project Search…, then try resetting your search index by holding down the Option key on the File menu and selecting “Save and Rebuild Search Indexes…”