[FIXED] Spellcheck Problem


I just updated to and it appears that the dictionary or spellcheck has glitched out. Every word of my manuscript is underlined red indicating a spelling error, and when I right-click on an alleged misspelled word, the suggestions are blank ( “No Guesses Found” ) as though the dictionary no longer exists. If I deliberately misspell a word and right-click it, “No Guesses Found.”

It is the same when I create a new project (all of the words in the tutorial are apparantly misspelled).

Am I missing something, or have I inadvertently done something to break the spellcheck?

Thank you

Hi zensonar,

What is listed as the current dictionary when you look in File > Options > Corrections? You could try re-downloading the dictionary from there and seeing if that fixes it.

Yeah, that seems to have fixed it. I switched to another language, deleted and re-downloaded English, switched back, and now it works. Simple as that.

Thanks for the help.