Fixing words starting with 2 capitals

I recently had to work on an ancient email system (Lotus Notes) - One of the spell check/ typing options was to fix words starting with two capitals. I’m not sure if it is my new Dell XPS keyboard, but I am finding this is a regular error I make. My current WIP has a lot of dialogue with multiple characters, and so I have to tag the speech. eg: DAve said. I’d not even thought of fixing it until I saw this Lotus feature.

Is that an easy setting / feature to add?


This would be a GODSEND for me, as I make this mistake constantly. Just saying. Hear hear, please, if possible, add this as an option we can toggle in settings.

I don’t know if this is true for Scriv for Windows, but on Mac Format>Convert>To Title Case will convert “mats” or “MAts” to “Mats”. As I frequently, when in haste, write names, start sentences or write titles that should be capitalised with a lower case first letter (not so often double capitals) I frequently use this option and have given it an easy to remember keystroke shortcut.

This is my third post and the second one about Scrivener wanting a regular expression search engine. See .

Expecting a writer to use regular expressions is ridiculous, but if the facility were included, requests such as this one would probably find a forum member eager to create the regular expressions that would solve the problem.

There is a good possibility that there is a regex search engine already in the bowels of Scrivener.

Sounds like the Lotus feature catches these as you type. An AutoHotKey script could accomplish this under Scrivener. For corrections after the fact, won’t Spell Check generally do the job?

Rgds – Jerome