Flag to show which topics are Tracked or Watched?

Is there a way (maybe for the mods who configured this forum) to get an indicator put in the topics list to show which topics I’m tracking or watching?



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I don’t see a setting for that, probably because in practical usage it would get a bit noisy, since by default every thread you read in full or respond to is tracked. I feel it is meant to be more of a thing in the background, where posts are highlighted when they are updated, if you’ve shown an interest in them in the past.

I was afraid of that. Fact is, most of the posts are a no-op for me (and, I suspect, for others too), since the subjects aren’t of great concern to me.

But the ones I do care about I can’t find easily in the master list. Would love an eye-indicator that I could visually jump to easily.


If I understand you correctly, that is the purpose of the “Unread” listing. The hover text for that reads, “topics you are currently watching or tracking with unread posts”. So that is one form of the highlighting I referred to above, the other being inline in the main views, where you will see a number beside tracked posts that indicate the quantity of new posts since you last looked at it.

Now if you’re interested in just having a list of topics you always want to have at your fingertips even if nobody has commented in it in years, then the Bookmark feature is what you want.

Thanks, Amber. The learning curve is pretty steep for those not familiar with Discourse. But hopefully worth it. I appreciate that you’re staying on top of these questions.


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