Flatten next indent feature within editor?

I just discovered the ‘Flatten next indent’ option in the Styles panel of the ‘edit Format’ in the Compile options. This is amazing. I have a lot of block quotes in my texts, and it’s nice to have them compile with the following paragraph not having an indent.

However, although I can now just make paragraphs after my Block Quote style just be unstyled and they will compile without an indent, they will look wrong in the editor. They will be indented, as per my default format, even though that indent won’t show up.

I like the editor to look approximately close to what will be compiled, so I could continue to use the “Rest of Paragraph after Block Quote” style when composing. But then in my compile settings I would have to continue to set paramaters for that style, and change it if I change the overall font etc. for different journals. Plus it makes the ‘Flatten next indent’ feature redundant.

So is there a way to do this in the Editor? I can’t find a way to define my Block Quote style such that it defines the attributes of the unstyled paragraph to follow. Perhaps this is impossible.

Maybe there’s a more elegant way, but… it tends to bother me enough to fix the first line indent of such paragraphs manually ( ). Pro: Looks alright in the editor, and the Compiler doesn’t care. Con: More work, and potentially even more if you move such paragraphs around a lot (and then you have to fix the same problem in the opposite direction).

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