Floating Note window for entire project

Hi: I have diligently been reading through the manual (and studying Quick Reference panes and so forth. Is there a way to do (even with a workaround) what I really want?

I would like a floating window of reminders and quite notes that would apply to an entire project – just something I could keep handy that I don’t want to forget anywhere from title page to end notes.

Does anyone know a way to do this currently?

It looks like a Quick Reference window is what you want. Just click on your Reminders & Notes document in the binder and hit the space bar. You can also search the menu for all the Quick Reference entries using the Help menu search field. Another option is to customize the toolbar and add the Quick Reference button to it.

Do you mean something along the lines of the Window ▸ Float Window command, as applied to the whole project window?

Also, while you’re looking up features to try, have a look at Project Bookmarks as well. Open the Inspector sidebar with the blue ‘i’ button, and click the bookmark tab. Switch to, if necessary, the “Project Bookmarks” section (where it may say “Document Bookmarks”). Any binder items you drag in here, such as a “Quick Notes” document, will be universally available from this sidebar. There are other features of this system as well (such as QR windows). It’s a different approach than what you were thinking of—but it was designed specifically for the think you are trying to do, I think. You can read more about it in §10.3, Project and Document Bookmarks.

Thanks so much for this. I don’t have a current file that I want to create as Quick Reference. Rather, I want something like a quick notepad on which I jot down any notes that I want to keep in mind for the project as a whole. I guess I could create a blank document in the binder and make it float to use for this purpose. As I compose this (very long) document, there are just some things I want to keep in mind no matter which scrivening/document I am looking at. And I want to be able to add to it at will as one Sriv. reminds me of something else to keep in mind. And I want this window to be available completely independent of what part of the Project I am currently working with.

Maybe try the Scratch Pad (also in the Window menu). It isn’t attached to any project, indeed you don’t even need any projects open to use it. As a small window without much interface, it is ideal for jotting down quick notes as you work in other tools, and has a dedicated global hotkey to toggle its visibility.

That’s exactly what a QR window can provide. One document for the entire project, floating in its own window. While AmberV’s suggestion will work for multiple projects, I didn’t suggest it because you were talking about notes for a single project.

What @Rdale said. You’re describing a Quick Reference pane.

Depending on how detailed your notes are, you might find it helpful to have more than one such document. In that case, you could assign a Project Bookmark either to each note document separately, to a folder containing all of them, or both. You could then use the Bookmarks list as a mini-Binder, indexing the (floating) notes pane. (See Section 10.3 in the Mac Scrivener manual for more information.)