Floating search panel

My Scrivener’s projects have many folders and documents, and also many files in the search section.

To add many references from the search section to a document take (too much) time.
It isn’t possible to select many files in the search section at the same time, and drop them to the reference’s panel of the active document. But that should be very nice and confortable.

The best way should be to have a floating panel for the search section like there is a floating panel for keywords. In this case, that shouldn’t be necessary to go to the binder, go down to the search section: all the files from the search section would be available very quickly and so much easily.

I’m not having any difficulties doing that, myself. If I select a bunch of things in the binder and drag them into another thing’s References list, they all get listed. You might need to provide more detail on what it is you’re trying to do.

I don’t know if this quite what you mean, but if you want to primarily search for titles (and synopses) then you can use the Edit/Find/Find Synopsis… (Ctrl-Cmd-G) command.

There are certainly no plans to unhinge project search from the sidebar though.

Thank you for your answer, but that doesn’t get the light in my mind!

Maybe my purpose hasn’t been understood as weel as I’d like; unfortunately I’m not english fluent.

I’ll try to show you with the attached files what I was thinking about

What I have to do, is to add many document’s references from the search section, to the reference’s panel of the active document.

The normal way at this time (I don’t know any other method) is to click on the + button of the reference’s panel of the active document, then navigate through the hierarchy, and select only one document, and repeat that as far as I have document’s references to add

In my mind, a floating search panel, could (or should) offers the ability to get this search section all the time every where we need, and make possible to select many documents at a time and add them in the reference’s panel of the active document.

But if is it possible to do that without a floating search panel, that would be very kind of you to tell me how you proceed

Thanks for the illustrations, I think I better understand what you are doing. The trick here is to lock your editor so that using the binder does not change the contents of the editor. This is of course a useful trick for all kinds of things, not just this one task. The Opt-Cmd-L shortcut toggles the lock on the editor (you can also click on the icon in the editor header bar and use “Lock in Place”, or from the View/Editor/Lock in Place menu). Once you’ve done that you can simply select the four PDF files in the binder and drag and drop them into the References list.

Thank you so much for your answer, that’ll get my work faster.