Floating window doesn't open

During the tutorial, I follow these directions in part 5e:

[i]Open that now by clicking on the “Keywords” button in the tool bar (the black box with the key inside it).

A floating panel will appear. This shows all of the keywords that you have created or assigned to documents so far. You can also create keywords inside this HUD panel and drag them to the keywords table in the Inspector. You can change the color associated with a keyword by double-clicking on the color disk in the Keywords HUD.[/i]

However, the floating window does not appear. I use Vista.

Click the box with the key to get to the keywords pane at the bottom of the Inspector (I think the default pane is “Document Notes”). Then, up where you’ll also see “Keywords” and a plus sign, click the box with the gearwheel symbol. One of the options will be “Show keywords HUD.” That should get you the floating window.