Floss' B'day!

[size=150]HAPPY[/size] [size=150]PURRRRRDAY[/size] [size=150]floss[/size]

and a few barbs for your critiquing
Have a gud ‘n’

Hmm… this is tricky…

Does one appear to be offer terms of friendship to avoid the business end of Floss’ extremities, or does one assume that Floss would prefer peace and solitude? Heck, we should just let thing fall where they may.

Happy birthday. I hope you get an opportunity to read a refreshingly well written card today.

GRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Woof! :unamused:

Here’s a birthday cake (with coloured candles): iii

There is surprisingly very little on the Internet about ten pound bags of mice. I would think that a more popular search.

… yeah but a dollar? That’s like 7 bucks in Cat Dollars.

Happy birthday Floss.

I don,t go in for all that cat years nonsense. even your most talented scientists at purina agree…

thanks to vic (if that,s even your real name), jaysen, wock and nom for the birthday wishes. i took a few days off but then spent my entire free time reading anyway.

amberv, your strict adherence to the official company policy of not wishing forum members a happy birthday is appreciated.