Focus Feature

I was taking a look at iA Writer (not that I could actually use it - I love Scrivener’s content management) and I saw a feature that I think would really be awesome in Scrivener. It’s called Focus Mode, and what it does is it grays out all other sentences, allowing the writer to focus very clearly on a particular sentence and helps avoid cross editing during the drafting stages. Though at this point unless Scrivener were to take a horrible turn, I’d never stop using it, this would be a rather nice addition.

You can go more than half-way there by going to Scrivener’s Compose mode and then by adjusting the Paper Height control to achieve a letter-box effect, so screening out as much of the text as you want. (To adjust Paper Height, mouse to the bottom of the screen and the Paper Width slider and press Alt.)

Thank you very much Hugh! This method is even better than iAWriter’s focus mode!

You’re very welcome. (I think so too, and use it all the time.)