Folder encryption

I would like to encrypt one single folder in the binder using a password. This could be a useful feature for secure sync by Dropbox or also in the future iOS-Mac Scrivener version file transfer.

Please, see this topic for for details of my proposal

specifically the following message
“However, what about an encryption process of single folders directly in Scrivener? (It’s for Scrivener people!).This would allow more easy synchronization via Dropbox. Of course, this is simply a suggestion for a wish list of new features. I imagine that one could select a folder in Scrivener and decide to password-encrypt only that folder before accessing the File–> sync to Dropbox procedure. I expect this process to be similar to password-protection of files in Word. It would be a highly valuable addition to an already striking product. I am really fascinated by Scrivener now that I am using it routinely.”