Folder Hierarchy and Compile

Hello, lovely people! I wonder if any fellow Scrivenerites can help me solve this problem? I’m currently trying to do a compile of my draft, but can’t seem to get chapter numbering on the separate chapters at all! I just don’t understand Scrivener’s folder hierarchy, and, while the four parts of the novel are all ‘Level 1’, the ‘Level 2’ folder labelling is all over the place, and certainly not on every single chapter folder as it should be (see screencaps). Does anyone know how I can fix my folder structure so all chapters are level 2, and auto numbered? I know how to lose the folder names, and where to put the code that’s supposed to cause auto chapter numbering, but I suspect it’s an issue with my folder hierarchy, and that’s beyond me!
Thanks so much in advance to anyone who can help :slight_smile:

Take a look at the “Contents” pane of Compile - have you by any chance ticked “(Compile) As Is” for all of the folders that aren’t highlighted in that second screenshot? Ticking “Compile As Is” for a document or folder tells the compiler not to touch that document, but to compile it so that it appears exactly as it appears in the editor, without changing the formatting or adding a title or anything else. So if you tick “Compile As Is” (“As Is” in the “Contents” pane of Compile for brevity), the document will not be highlighted when the “Formatting” pane is ticked since it has no effect.

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Ooh! Just tried that and it works a treat! Thanks so much for the very sensible and logical reply blows virtual kiss