Folder Icons for Multiple Screenplays Not the Same


I am working on a project where I have multiple screenplays in the same project. I am using the given Screenplay Template. When I duplicated the Screenplay Folder the folder icon was not copied (they have the standard “folder” icon). I would like them all to have the same “screenplay stack” icon, but there is no “screenplay stack” icon in the change icon list. Is there a way for the duplicate folders to have the “screenplay stack” icon?


Do you mean the main Draft folder? There are three special folders in Scrivener: Draft, Research and Trash, that cannot be removed or duplicated (though their contents can be). So in short, no there isn’t a way to add the Draft icon to another folder, because this is a special location and that would make things confusing. Compile uses the Draft folder as its source, so you always want to know which folder is the main target for script export.

For more information on this topic, read §8.1, pg. 73–75.

Just to add to Ioa’s answer: If you want multiple screenplays in a project, it’s best to have them each in a separate folder inside the Draft folder (the Draft folder being the generic name for the folder entitled “Screenplay” in the screenplay template), and then, when you Compile, you choose that subfolder as the folder for compiling (you can limit Compile to subfolders within the Draft folder).

So, to fix this in your case, you would do the following:

  1. Select everything inside the Draft folder and use Documents > Group. This will place everything selected into another subfolder.

  2. Move the duplicated folders back up into the Draft folder at the same level as the folder you created in (1).

Hope that helps.

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