Folder paths

I have a folder where I direct my backups. It is set in Options. After importing a compile setting, the next backups made will the saved to the CompileSettings folder, unless manually changed back to the preferred path, even though, in Options, the correct path is still indicated.

I would report this as bug. But it really just seems to be the way Scrivener works, when it comes to the file system and pathing, and the (often very unfriendly) dialog boxes we get for interacting with the system (interactions that, in this case, were made necessary because of the way Scrivener’s pathing settings work.)

I seem to recall that is a problem with the toolkit: all file dialogues are linked together behind the scenes, using a common “last directory” setting that cannot be externally set when the box is created. Hopefully the toolkit update resolves that. Another thing I’d like to see is a file dialogue box that takes a suggested filename as a parameter, so we can pre-fill the compile name with the project_name.rtf, or the last_compiled_name.rtf.