Folder & Text Item move questions

New to Scrivener, and I’m having problems understanding how to use the Binder to move and control items. When I try to move a folder or text item up, it always nests below the item I put it under. Same thing fora folder. But I want them to be on the same outline level. Is there a key combination or feature that I’m missing?

You have to make sure that your mouse is far enough to the left. There is a little circle on the left side of the drop line that helps indicate where the item will go once dropped. Move the item to the vertical spot you wish it to appear in, and then just keep moving the mouse leftward until the circle is lined up with the level you wish it to be on. One other thing to watch for is when the item you are hovering over is completely outlined. That means it will always nest the dropped item no matter how far to the left the mouse is.

Alternatively you can use the keyboard shortcuts to move items around. Ctrl-Cmd in conjunction with the four arrow keys will move items up, down, and left or right (in terms of hierarchy). This can sometimes be easier than using the mouse even if you ordinarily prefer to use the mouse over the keyboard, as some types of drops are really tricky.

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