Folder Title with corkboard multiple Selection

I like to select multiple folders from the binder for corkboard view. I then close the binder and open the inspector sidebar. All of my cards now show divided by folder (i.e. chapter) and allow me to quickly walk through my story and make changes to the synopsis. PROBLEM: the folder name does not show anywhere, so I continually have to reopen the binder sidebar to see what part and chapter I am currently in.

Is there a setting to show the folder names on the corkboard in Multiple Selection mode?

If not, is this feature on the wish list?

Thank you.

I can’t find a setting to show this, but there’s a way of making the current process as painless as it can be, given that limitation.

Use the shortcut cmd-opt-R to reveal the position in the binder of the selected card, then cmd-opt-B to hide the binder again. This is really quick if you only want to check occasionally.

Otherwise, you could try creating keywords for each chapter and adding them to the scenes. Then when you hover over the card in the cork board, the tooltip will show you the synopsis with [Keywords: Chapter1, Keyword2 etc].

Or if you’re not using statuses, create one for each chapter, then make sure View > Corkboard Options > Show Statuses is ticked – then a watermark will appear on each card.

None of these is exactly what you’re looking for but perhaps one of them could be a workaround for the time being?

All great ideas. Thank you. I hope Keith can add this feature to a future version.

While I too love the cork board view, if you want to see synopses and titles in the hierarchy of the binder, you should probably switch to using the outline view. That way, it’s clear what container a given document is indented under. You can also view more of the metadata in the outline view than is available in cork board mode.

rdale thanks, is there a way to limit the amount of the synopsis that shows in the outline?

Not that I’m aware of; it’s never occurred to me to write a synopsis longer than what I wanted to read in its entirety. If there is such and option, it might be in the Preferences somewhere.


In case the long synopses are interfering with your use of the outliner, here’s an idea for use with the cork board, if you don’t mind dedicating a full index card to identifying the folder: Create a new document in each folder and locate it as the first document under it. Un-check the “include in compile” checkbox in the inspector so it’s not part of the output, and then title the document the same as the folder. Then when you view your folders in rows on the cork board, you’ll see the folder name as the first document, but you’ll be safe in knowing that it doesn’t affect the compile (I don’t think, anyway). You’ll even have a space there to summarize the contents of the folder if you want.

Great idea. Thank you.