Folder view cut off

Last night, I finally decided to transfer my notes for my work in process into Scrivener from Word (fairly new user; I’ve taken a Scrivener class, have the Scrivener for Dummies book as a reference, and have played around with it, but this will be my first time using it for an actual project).

I created a folder in which to dump all of my notes (which right now total @55,000 words). When I copy the text into a single folder, the view cuts off at 24,192 words. At first, I thought I was just experiencing a memory lag, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem; the other 30,000 words just don’t show up in the window. As you can see in the screen shot I attached, it looks like there’s an invisible border cutting through the last sentence. I tried showing the invisibles to see if there’s something that truncates the text, and it does appear the text is there but hidden–I deleted that hard return that shows at the end and another few words showed up on the last line, but that last line is as far as it will go. I’m probably missing something really obvious, but I just can’t figure out what that would be.

I’ve searched this forum, searched online, and in my SfD book, and haven’t found a solution for this problem. Is there a limit to how much text a folder view will show? If it helps, I’m running the program on a HP Folio Ultrabook, Windows 7 with 4 GB of RAM.

Did you do this via copy/paste from an open document in Word over into Scrivener?

You could try doing the paste into a new empty document, rather than a folder, in Scrivener… though my guess is you’ll see the same behaviour. My naive assumption is that folders and documents are really the same underlying data structure in Scrivener, just presented differently in the binder based on which you say it is.

If I had to guess, I’d say there’s something in the original material in Word that Scrivener is choking on. Complex formatting, table, ???, …

You might try importing (File > Import > Files), rather than pasting, and see if that does better. Assuming it is a single Word doc, you should be able to import it as a single item. Though you might want to take a look at File > Import > Import and Split, if you have an interest in splitting the material out into multiple items at import time. (You can also do this later by doing splits within material.)

If importing suffers the same problem, you might also try saving the Word doc out in some other/simpler form. Possible .rtf. Possibly .txt, though that would probably lose some formatting (italics, etc.). Possibly ???

Or break the Word doc up into multiple pieces (separate files or just separate copy/pastes)… though don’t think that should be necessary.

Hope that helps.

This is a bug with Scrivenings view, a combination of the amount of text and the zoom level. As it looks like you’ve got all your text directly in the folder document and don’t have any subdocuments you need to view in Scrivenings anyway, you should be able to solve this easily just by toggling off Scrivenings view to view the single text of the folder. In the main toolbar, click the orange-highlighted button in the set of three view mode buttons in the cente (showing Scrivenings, Corkboard, and Outliner). That will toggle off Scrivenings view so that instead of viewing the text of the selected container and its subdocuments, you’ll just be viewing the text of the container.

That did it, Jennifer. Thank you so much. And SpringfieldMH, I tried importing it as you suggested (I did cut and paste it originally), but it didn’t do the trick. It must be a bug, as Jennifer mentioned.

Thank you both for your suggestions and your help!