Folder with only one document does not show corkboard

If a folder contains only one document, it displays the cork board icon in sidebar but when clicked opens document list just as if one had pressed >.

Adding another doc makes it go to cork board. deleting the second reverts to the former behavior.

May be “as intended” of course.

I can’t reproduce this. Folder containing single document goes to corkboard when I hit the corkboard icon. Any other relevant conditions you can think of?

Arrgh, it’s not happening for me either. I closed out Scrivener last night. When I restarted it to check details to reply, the behavior is no longer occurring.

I have an open question in the Tech Support forum, where I’m trying to work out some things about viewing cork boards, and I was trying to figure out if there is a way to view the index cards from all levels at once, like Big Scrivener can do, so I had added a subfolder to my project to see if I could find a way. (I couldn’t, but found this other thing instead.)

And now it seems not to be handing

For the record the structure in use is:

  Top (folder) used to trigger cork board, since it seems Draft can't.
    F (folder) 
      F1 (doc)
      F2 (doc)
    T1 (doc)
    T9 (doc)

With only F1 in sub folder F, the cork board icon showed but clicking it did the same as >, namely went to the document list view in sidebar, showing, of course, just the one document F1.

That’s what it would do, of course, if I missed the cork board icon and just hit the row, so conceivably I managed to do that many times while trying to isolate the defect.

So maybe the problem doesn’t exist, or maybe it’s intermittent. In either case it is obscure and probably harmless. Except if it did happen, it possibly reflects something having gone wrong in the internal data structures.

Anyway I can’t duplicate it either, so feel free can chalk it up to user error if you wish.


“Big Scrivener” – I love it.

Glad it sorted out, even if only magically. Do report back if it is recurring though. Inquiring minds at Lit&Lat will want to know.


I find that I can only see the corkboard if I tick more than one chapter. It appears there is not a default to show all the corkboards one must highlight all the chapters concerned. Very frustrating since it was not an issue in Scrivener 2.