Folders as chapter titles?

Is there a way to have folders as chapter titles and TOC? Currently, the first sentence of each file in a folder is making up the TOC. Also, I don’t see my folder titles anywhere in the compiled document.

Sounds like you should start with a compile preset like “paperback novel”, unless you’ve done a lot to customize your compile settings. If so, take a look at the check-marks in the Formatting pane of the Compile window; make sure that the folders have “Title” checked.

Darn, Robert beat me to it. And said it more concisely. Aaaaaahhhhhh!

Here’s my more verbose attempt… Take it with a grain of salt.

I work in Scrivener for Windows, so things may differ a bit in the Mac version…

In the Scrivener for Mac manual, see 24.2 Built-in Presets.
The manual should be available inside Scrivener (Help > Scrivener Manual or some such).
It is also available as a PDF download at
Gwen Hernandez’s Scrivener for Dummies (ebook & paper available) contains a discussion under Formatting the Compiled Output.

This appears to be controlled in the File > Compile > Formatting dialog. (But see NOTE below, before start changing these.)

  • In the top window/pane on the right side, one can click Title checkboxes, to control whether the name of the object will appear in the compiled output. Note that if an example object of the right type and level isn’t in the list, can add it via the “+=” button in its upper right hand corner.
  • In the lower window/pane on the right side, one can click the Section Layout button in its upper left hand corner and control whether Scrivener will insert any standard chapter title text and numbering. If you don’t want any, so that only the folder name appears as text at top of chapter, empty/delete everything out of the Prefix box.

NOTE: It appears that the type of formatting you specify in the Format As field at the top adjusts/sets these based on type you select. So it may be best to begin by setting Format As and see if that does the trick, before getting into doing detailed customization in the top window/pane.

Hope I got that right and that is some help. I learned something.


I have it set to compile as ebook. My chapter titles are 1/2 down the page. What controls that positioning?

In the Formatting pane, click on the Folder Level 1+ row if necessary, and reduce the “Page padding” value above the mock editor to a lower value. Zero will of course start a new chapter at the top of the buffer area on the e-reader; same vertical level body text will start at on subsequent pages.

Got it. Thanks!