Folders empty, text files present

Hey everyone, Scrivener is glitching and it’s interfering with my work quite a bit. Within the “Manuscript” folder, I’ve created chapter folders containing documents full of text - however, when I click on the “Manuscript” folder or a chapter folder , the text does not appear and the window remains blank. Clicking the arrow beside any of these folders and highlighting the text document causes the text to display perfectly well. I’m not sure what’s causing the folders to appear completely blank.


If you select a folder, give the editor focus, and then press CMD 1, does the text appear?

Slàinte mhòr.

To see the text in documents when the parent folder is selected, use Scrivenings view.


That worked! Thank you!

Yup, just figured that out. Thanks!

Glad to hear that you have a resolution.

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