Folders for chapters: New vs Old

In the older version of Scrivener the chapter folders provided in the template for fiction novels have a format in the folder that gives a CHAPTER <$W> dealie to number the folders. It seems that the new version does not do this and instead the numbering of chapters is taken care of (sorry for the dangling preposition) during the compiling process sans need for the CHAPTER <$W>.

Do I have it correct?

And if I do have it correct, will there be issues with a project that was converted from the old format to the new format that retains the older CHAPTER <$W>?

Standard appy-poly-logies if this has been asked to death and I’ve simply missed it. :blush:

There will only be issues if you try to mix methods. If you have a half-completed draft from 1.x using the old method of putting titles and numbers into the files themselves, you could probably use the Original preset just fine. If you do want formatting, you could use one of the new presets, and edit the Formatting pane to omit the extra titling information. All of this is customisable, basically. The new presets demonstrate how you can now place “clutter” into the compiler and keep it out of your draft, but if you do not need to do so, these automated methods can be removed from the compiler for that project.

Or you could remove the “clutter” from your existing project and prematurely switch to the new method. It would be easier to just edit the compile setting, though.

Excellent. I was hoping that would be the answer. :wink:

Many thanks.