Font, Bigger makes the font smaller in 5.5 & 5.55

Using Windows 7
Scrivener 5.5 and still there in 5.55
In “Short Story Format”
“Document” “Ghost Notes Mode” both checked in View Menu
Text is entered in the middle field where you input the story
Select “Format”

Scrivener makes the text smaller. It seems impossible to bring it back to the default size.

I deleted the entire text and typed in over again but now it remains the same tiny size until I deleted it, saved, closed Scrivener, restarted Scrivener, and now I could enter text at the default size.

I apologize for replying to my post. Forgot to mention, if you use Font-Bigger; Font-Bigger; Font-Bigger it will gradually increase the size in 5.55. Just different than expected. I thought Bigger meant bigger than the existing size.