Font Bugs

Hi, two bug problems here.
First, same as what other people have reported. Copy/paste within scrivener (from one text doc to another within the same project) changes the original font (currently working in courier new) to gill sans MT Ex Condensed Bold (never used). Problem doesn’t seem to exist for me copying from something outside of Scrivener into the text doc.

Second, occasionally when I open my project the last text section I worked on will open in gill sans MT Ex Condensed Bold instead of in Courier New.

Scrivener for Windows had to change its font family matching engine to better match iOS fonts. Unfortunately we have missed some use cases, which lead to the bugs that you experience. We managed to reproduce the problem, and a patch release will be with you very soon. Sorry for the troubles with the fonts.

No worries! Bugs happen, I completely understand (my husband is a programmer). And there’s no better way to find bugs than releasing a program to the masses, lol.

I found another bug with the same fonts, but I’m not sure what happened (sorry). I opened one of my text docs, and it was half courier new and half gills sans.
Good luck!