Font Change of Whole Document

I have a book length document that in the process of transferring it from the original MS Word to Scrivener (at least I think that’s when it happened) now has several different fonts in different parts of the main text. I had use a CreateSpace template for MS Word which is when I think the different fonts started.

Now, when I go to compile it to epub form, the different fonts are showing up, even though I tried to make all the different levels the same through the formatting tab of the compiler.

Is there another way to go back and change the fonts in the original Scrivener files? I really don’t want to now have to go back through page by page and make the changes in the epub document using Sigil which is what I’m using the check the epub document.

Also, while each file in the Scrivener Binder has its own chapter name, when it’s compiled to epub most of them are showing up as body1.xhtml, body2.xhtml, etc. Although the title is showing up on the body of each chapter. Is that normal. This is my first time working with epub conversations.


Firstly, have you tried using the E-book compile format preset? If it isn’t showing up in the Format As drop-down menu, select the management option at the bottom and you should see it in the big list; just put a checkmark on it and it will become available. This preset normalises text to a standard font so you don’t have to worry about the source fonts in your project.

Otherwise, the Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style command will eliminate any variance. You can select many documents at once with this command. So, that’s how you can things in Scrivener itself, since you asked.

Hi Amber,
Thanks for the help on this. I set the compiler to Format as: E-book - no trouble finding it, and then Compile as: EPub eBook (epub), and then ran it. Didn’t seem to work though. Gave funny results - Now I have a Content file in the epub with hot links - that’s good, but with only two listings – all the chapters are under one of the listings except the one chapter that’s listed by itself.

And the inconsistent fonts are still the same. So, I decided to try your second option:

Again, was able to follow your instructions with no problem. One thing I’m thinking I needed to add was to highlight all the files/chapters that I wanted included, right? Well, that’s what I did. I thought it would give me a choice as to what font I wanted to be used across the board, but it didn’t do that and as far as I can tell, it didn’t really change anything.

Is there a way to change fonts across the board with all the files/chapters without having to go through each one, highlight it then select the desired new font. Much of my document is in optima (from the CreateSpace template that I started with that was a MS Word file) and I want it all in palatino, and then ideally I’d like it to show up this way with the epub file and have a active /clickable table of contents.

Am I asking for too much? :slight_smile: