Font changing in a character style when applying a different paragraph style


Using the latest version of Scrivener on Mac Monterey (12.7.4).

  1. Part of a paragraph has a character style assigned. This includes both font and size definitions.

  2. Apply a different paragraph style, and the font applied to the text with a character style is reverted to the project’s default.

  3. You have to reapply the same character style to the text that has been changed. It happens that only the font is applied the first time, and the attribute (like bold) is applied only when applying the character style a second time.

This looks very similar to an old bug in the Windows version:


I am not seeing this happen with a few simple tests. I tried using the “Emphasis” character style, and then applied the Heading 1 style to the line, and the text stayed italic.

I might need a more complete example of what I should try. A listing of the settings for each of the styles being used, as well as what font family I should use, as well as any the styles might be using if they are set to change the font family.

Ioa, may I ask you to try with this example I exported from the project?


Save a (5.8 KB)

It might be easier to make a blank project with this file in it, and the styles all set up the way they should be (you can import the styles from the WIP project), then send a .zip of that. I don’t know how to set this up. I can drag the .docx into the binder, but since I don’t have the styles set up, I’m just guessing as to how you have them set up (which checkboxes to use, etc.).