Font disappeared

I’ve been using a particular font that was available in the Scrivener font options while writing this book. It was Adobe Caslon Pro, I believe, and was always available within Scrivener (I am making this distinction because this wasn’t a font I bought, it was a font offered by Scrivener itself). It worked across both computers I use Scrivener with.

This morning, I opened up my Scrivener and all the fonts were set to Arial (…brrr) and the font I was using has simply disappeared from the font menu.

Bug? Did Scrivener’s license with Adobe run out? What’s up with this?

Literature & Latte doesn’t license fonts like that. At some point you—or someone else—must have installed InDesign or some other Adobe app, which would have provided the font. Is it on the other machine, rather than the one you have just opened the project on?