Font Drop Down Window

When selecting a font in Word, the list is headed by the last 10 fonts used then the font list starts from the beginning. Something like that would be handy in Scrivener. But, it’s already so powerful a bit of software and so functional for writers to use, I hesitate to get to greedy asking for more. :smiley:

Uhm, another upgrade consideration is for scrivener to link to the coffee pot so I can start coffee remotely from the work room. Coffee service would even be better, but I’m not sure what external devices I’d need besides the coffee pot. :smiley:

Hmm, I can think of a way of starting coffee on the Mac. You could for instance have it set up so that when you finish a section word count goal, it fires off a notification event to a third-party central notifier system called Growl, which can be configured to—instead of flashing a sign and/or beeping—fire off a UNIX command. Hence, total control at that point. We just need a coffee maker that is simple enough to start making coffee when you turn it on, and use a Bluetooth wall socket switch—something like the old X10 house appliance switches you could control from your computer. So you finish your chapter, and ding, it starts a pot. Hardware potentially aside, that is all extremely feasible. Is there something like Growl, for Windows? Task tray I suppose.

And yes, a top 5 or 10 fonts will be coming. :wink: That is pretty useful. I find I only use about five fonts for writing if that, so the vast majority of that menu is just a distraction. So this is the sort of added feature that actually simplifies the program rather than making it more complicated.

There’ve got to be coffee pots like that too, for college dorms, right? Like electric kettles. Stumble over to the socket, try not to electrocute yourself, and presto, something called coffee! You may need to get more complex to find something that will measure the grounds for you and change filters, but you could probably get one of those Lego robots to program with a simple task like that…

Brilliant. Gotta love the “I have never used a video camera before in my entire life” presentation.

too funny! :smiley:

My favorite part is the light bouncing everywhere. I love it.