Font family changes when importing Word document

I have a Word document with all text being Arial 10-point font. When I import the Word document into Scrivener for iOS, the Indents and Spacing were exactly as in Word, but the Font for all normal paragraphs switched from Arial 10-point to Helvetica 12-point. Not sure why that happened in terms of both the font family and the font size changing.

Additionally, my bulletted lists changed from Arial 10-point to Times New Roman 12-point.

Are either of the above the expected behavior in terms of font mapping?

When I do the same thing importing the Word document into the Windows version (1.9.5), all text is retained as Arial 10-point. The only problem is that the bullet actually changes from a filled-in dot to an open square. (Note of course that both my Word document and my Scrivener for Windows is on the same machine with identical font families defined to Windows.)

My quick test didn’t reproduce the problem, but I’m likely not use the same variables you are to generate it. I create a .docx file using LibreOffice and then Pages for macOS, and the file imported with text all set to Arial–10pt throughout, in lists as well as regular text. Any instructions (I can test Windows 7 / Office 2010, later), or a sample file that I can work with?